About Angle of View

Here's a portrait of my son Daniel

I got my first camera back in 1986. It was a Minolta X-300 SLR with a standard 50mm lens. I was 21 years old and I knew nothing of photography. With the 50mm lens (the only lens I had for a while) I started taking pictures of the world around me . It has an angle of view quite similar to that of the human eye. Over the years I have acquired quite a few lenses.  And cameras.... (more on cameras here). With a full-time job at Philips, my photography concentrated primarily on friends, family life and vacations. I like to take my camera wherever I travel. My favorite subject, people, is also the most difficult. I mostly shot on slide film (with the advantage that they can look beautiful when projected but with the disadvantage that you have to project to view them....). All the slides of the past 20 years are waiting to be digitized with my slide scanner, but that is a tedious task for which I rarely take the time. 

Now, over 20 years later I (like most photographers I know) have fully switched to digital. Faithful to the Minolta brand (and a camera bag full of Minolta AF lenses) I bought a KM5D, just before it went out of production. It came with a standard zoom that I have not used to this day.  My favorite lens on this camera is the Minolta 28/2.0. Due to the 'digital crop factor' it is slightly wider than my 50/1.4, which by the way now makes a beautiful portrait lens. It's all about the angle of view.

(this portrait was shot by my 3 year old son Tobias ;-)

On this site you will find presentations of my photos in the Photography section, a photo blog in which I try to post interesting single pictures now and again and a few pages dedicated to cameras.

Enjoy ! 

Hans Roeven

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